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  1. Roger, Vibreanium, Capt, Captain America
    Cap's Shield
    Prop: Captain Steve Roger's vibreanium shield. Series: Marvel Universe 616 Production time: 9 Hours Median: Wonderflex
  2. Sokka, Avatar, Boomerang
    Sokka's Boomerang
    Series: Avatar the Last Airbender Median: Wonderflex
  3. Mask, Hallow, Hallow Mask
    Ichago's Mask
    Series: Bleach Median: Paper Mache
  4. The Millennium Ring
    The Millennium Ring
    Median: Fosshape 300 Series: YuGiOh!
  5. Pearl's Spear
    Pearl's Spear
    Median: Wonderflex Series: Steven Universe Production Time: 4 Hours
  6.  Edward's Spear
    Edward's Spear
    Series: Fullmetal Alchemist Median: Fosshape 300
  7. Kanto Badges
    Kanto Badges
    Median: Wonderflex Series: Pokémon
  8. Batarngs
    Series: Batman Median: Wonderflex Production Time: 1 Hour.
  9. Soul's Arm Blade
    Soul's Arm Blade
    Series: Soul Eater Median: Wonderflex Time: 4 Hours
  10. Harley Quinn Mallet
    Harley Quinn Mallet
    Series: DC Comics Time: 4 hours (Average time) Weight: 2 Lbs Median: Skinless
  11. MIllenium Puzzle
    MIllenium Puzzle
    Median: Wonderflex Production Time: 5 Hours Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
  12. Zuko's swords
    Zuko's swords
    Median: Fosshape 300 Series: Avatar
  13. Liberator
    Series: Sword Art Online Median: Wonderflex
  14. Star's Wand
    Star's Wand
    Prop: Star's Wand Series: Star Vs The Forces of Evil (Season 2) Median: Wonderflex
  15. Erza's Sword
    Erza's Sword
    Series: Fairy Tail Median: Wonderflex Production Time: 5 Hours
  16. Tessaiga
    Series: Inuyasha Median: Wonderflex Length: 5ft
  17. Sokka's Sword
    Sokka's Sword
    Series: Avatar Median: Wonderflex Production Time: 7 Hours
  18. Nightwing Mask
    Nightwing Mask
    Series: Batman Median: Wonderflex Production Time: 3 Hours

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Our Artists Alley tables provide a unique experiance for any con-goer. At our table you'll get the change to try out our props for yourself, to get an upclose look at there durability, detailing, and feel for yourself how light weight they are. You can also talk over the details of any commision you have ordered or would like to order!
We love talking with cosplayers about there costumes and helping them getting just the right props that meet there budget. You can email us about a prop you'd like us to do a tutorial, sell at our artists alley tables (or our online store), or get advice on how to make your own props!