Meet the 3-Swords Studio
3-Swords features an elite team, founded by Swordsmith, by cosplayers and congoers just like you! This includes MJ, who has sculpted many of the Nerdy Pens and smaller cosplay props from the last year, and Kat who has been instemental to the developmet of the studio. You can connect with us at conventions such as Anime Fargo, and CoreCon! We make a wide variety of cosplay props: swords, shields, masks, small armor pieces, lances, scythes, guns, and more! We've also reciently launched our Nerdy Pen line of anime, comic, and cartoon inspired hand-crafted pens!
Since 2012, ​3-Swords Cosplay has been on the scene: taking prop commisions from cosplayers from around the country, and sometimes the world! Our studio is dedicated to making the highest quality hand-crafed prop made ​specicially for cosplayers. Over the years we've developed our own method.





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