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Perfection in the smallest details!
  1. Edward Elric Arm-Blade
    Edward Elric Arm-Blade
    Lightweight and durable, just strap it on under your coat and fulfill your fantasy of fighting homunculi! Two stretchable straps will ensure that it fits comfortably. To put on you just slid back your sleeve slap one to your forearm and the other around your wrist, then your ready to start on an epic quest to get your body back!
  2. Grey Fullbuster's Necklace
    Grey Fullbuster's Necklace
    From the hit series "Fairy Tail", it's Gray's necklace! What's an Ice-Mage without thier bling?!?
  3. Sokka's Boomerang
    Sokka's Boomerang
    From the hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender, we present to you the boomerang that "does always come back"! Each one is made to order and will be made within a week!
  4. Hermione's wand Pen
    Hermione's wand Pen
    Have a magical time writing with this wand shrunk down to a pen size!
  5. Bellatrix Lestrange Wand
    Bellatrix Lestrange Wand
    Recently escaping from Azkaban is your cosplay! Now live out your fantasy of being a dark witch with this highly durable wand
  6. Black Star's Ninja Sword
    Black Star's Ninja Sword
    From the action packed series Soul Eater comes this unique take on one of Black Stars most used weapons reduced in scale to fit a child cosplayer. Also great for original concept cosplay!
  7. Wizard Scepter
    Wizard Scepter
    Do you have an awesome king or wizard original cosplay character that you've created? Blast your enemies away with powerful magical from this scepter while defending your throne! -Also feature a pen tip for signing autographs- -Original Design created by our artists, any duplication of design other studios will be met with strict legal action-
  8. Steampunk Copper Wand
    Steampunk Copper Wand
    Who says you can't steampunk your wizard costume? This "copper" wand sure looks like it was pulled out of an engine for parts and is sure to send a few magic bolts...I mean volts! through your enemies!
  9. Maka's Witch Hunter Pen
    Maka's Witch Hunter Pen
    This one of a kind pen is a rare treat for Soul Eater fans! Whether at a convention or in anime club, wow people with Maka deadly... pen?
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